10 Best Things To Do In Maldives – Enjoy The Tropical Paradise

Maldives is one of the best and the most famous destinations to visit. Located in the Indian Ocean, to the southwest of Sri Lanka, Maldives is one of the best places to opt for, to spend your holidays. There are abundant options to explore when one is in the Maldives, so here we have helped you shortlist the unmissable ones by making a list of 10 best things to do in Maldives.

Top 10 Things To Do In Maldives

Maldives might seem like just another spot to go away from the city where you can sunbathe on the beaches of the Indian Ocean. But that is far from true.

Maldives is full of options that you can do while on vacation. But we have, with great difficulty, shortlisted 10 best activities to do in the Maldives that you just cannot miss.

1. Spotting Dolphins

There are some dolphins that frequent the Maldives waters. And who doesn’t enjoy dolphins! The dolphins know this too, hence you will find the dolphins here to be some of the most playful and cheerful ones!

10 best things to do in maldives

The best thing is that there is no dolphin park in Maldives where they are help captive away from their natural freedom or habitat. When you go into the waters, surrounding the island, in a boat or a ship, then you can get a sight of these lovely dolphins. Also, don’t try to pet them and keep a safe distance from them.

2. Explore Beautiful Islands

Maldives is a range of so many beautiful islands, that the tourist in you will get tired and still will not have covered nearly half of these islands. While most islands have a hotel or a small inn, there are few small islands which are inhabited.

10 best things to do in maldives

You can ferry a ride from your hotel island and go to these smaller ones and enjoy exploring the exoticism. If you want you can also spend your night camping here and have an adventurous stay.

3. Snorkeling In Rich Waters

The reefs of Maldives are so rich that you cannot get enough of snorkeling in Maldives waters. Snorkeling is not just one of the best things to do in Maldives, it is also one of the most obvious things to do here.

10 best things to do in maldives

The pristine waters of Maldives have a variety of marine animals. These animals include manta rays, sea turtles, live coral, grey heron, sting rays, and so much more. You will witness marine life at its most colorful with different types of fish in huge numbers swimming from one place to another.

4. Go Canoeing

Canoeing is a different experience altogether. Maldives has clear waters and you can actually see the bottom of the sea bed near the shorelines. Also if you do not wish to go for too wild sports and activities like deep sea diving, then canoeing is a great option.

10 best things to do in maldives

Kayaking and canoeing are great activities for couples as well as for groups, whether you are here with your family or your friends. Definitely one of the fun and best things to do in Maldives.

5. Deep Sea Diving

Look up best diving destinations in the world and you will definitely find Maldives on the list. With the richness of marine animals in Maldives waters, diving is a must activity here. Maldives offers many affordable diving centers from which you can choose from a multitude of diving options.

10 best things to do in maldives

The blue waters are clear and vivid thus offers incredible visibility. Also, the waters are warm and fresh, thus explaining the marine richness.

6. Take Helicopter Tour – Unique Things To Do Maldives

Take in the beauty of Maldives all at once in a thrilling helicopter ride. The helicopter ride takes you through the magnanimous stretch of the islands in a where you feel awestruck.

10 best things to do in maldives

The true sense of Maldives being a coral paradise is clearly visible during the helicopter ride. The ride is usually avoided during the night. Also, the cost and expenses depend on the various agencies and which one you pick.

7. Enjoy Underwater Spa

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Maldives. Who doesn’t like to relax, and there is nothing more relaxing than spas and massages. There are skilled masseurs who rub away your stress and ache, and help you relax.

10 best things to do in maldives

The thing that makes it underwater is the fact that these spa centers are located under the water. This way you can not only have your stress massaged away but can also have an amazing experience at the same time looking at and enjoying the marine richness.

8. Windsurfing

There are variety of activities in Maldives which involve both water and wind. Right from windsurfing to wakeboarding, you can feed the adventure junkie in you by opting for the various options available here.

10 best things to do in maldives

Often, the resort in which you are staying itself accommodates the price of these water activities in the package. There are also independent coaches who teach you the technique of wind surfing.

9. Romantic Dinner on Beach

Since Maldives is a stretch of many islands, it is needless to say there are abundant beaches here. The exoticism of Maldives does not fail to amaze you at any given point.

10 best things to do in maldives

Beaches are a beautiful idea for having romantic dinners. Double the romance floating in the air by opting for candle light dinner on beach, with lip-smacking meals. It is very romantic to spend some time under the stars with your loved one.

10. Adopt Coral Reef

You heard it right! You can adopt a coral here. This program is in association with environmentalists and marine ecologists where they aim to preserve the marine ecology. Coral reef is an important part of the marine ecology in Maldives, and this is their attempt to save our environment. It is a great initiative and we should be a part of such progressive and eco-friendly venture.

10 best things to do in maldives

To adopt a coral reef, you need to pay a certain amount to help them fund the restoration of the coral reef. Hence this is a great way to make a meaningful contribution to the environment.

Wrapping It Up!

Maldives is a beautiful place and there are hoards of activities to do here. Other than these options mentioned above, there are also other activities to do here. These activities include paddleboarding, moonlight cruising in the Indian Ocean, visiting the museum, learning about marine life, and many more.

However, among so many activities, the list we have compiled includes 10 best things to do in Maldives. We hope this list has helped you plan your visit to Maldives. Enjoy your holidays!

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