10 best things to do in Dubai – Home of World’s Tallest Building

Dubai, the name itself brings excitement to the tummy! There is no place in the world where there is a diversity of old classic architecture along with some tallest luxurious building. If you have never seen such things before then Dubai is a perfect traveling destination for you. From Gigantic skyline, desert safari with a palm-shaped island Dubai has every exotic places to serve you. Here in this article we bring you best things to do in Dubai. Even though Dubai is too hot for many people but the lifestyle in Dubai is worth living and traveling is lot of fun.

10 best things to do in Dubai

If you don’t know where you are heading to next vacation and which place will suit to your entire family. Trip to Dubai is what make sense when you like beaches, water, restaurants, spa, theatre and so on. There is the list of doing some exciting things in Dubai. Check it out!

Dubai fountain

 best things to do in Dubai

The Dubai Fountain, situated at the base of the Burj Khalifa and just outside the doors of the famous Dubai Mall, has the world’s largest fountain system. This popular dancing water show jets water streams as high as 150 meters in the air. The musical number which plays in this fountain, the songs are all around the globe. Two showings occur in the 1 pm and 1:30 pm, except on Fridays (1:30 pm to 2 pm) and evening display of the fountain show takes place every 30 minutes till the last song plays at 11 pm.

Burj Khalifa

 best things to do in Dubai

The world’s tallest tower standing at 828 meters high can dominate any body’s attention. It is not just tall it has the world’s best facilities and each floor carries Luxurious indoor and outdoor designs. The sky lounge is on the 148th floor where you can feel like you are present in the skies. 122 is not in that high but it is also a perfect place for having your favourite cuisine.

Dubai Mall

 best things to do in Dubai

Dubai mall is right next to Burj Khalifa. Even an entire day spent here is not enough as the mall is so huge and have everything from a pin to bikes. It has 1200 plus shops and 150 Restaurants, it also features an indoor theme park, an ice rink, a huge waterfall, a choreographed outdoor fountain and the gigantic Dubai Aquarium where one can find amazing species of fishes, seahorse, sharks, whale etc. The underwater zoo is another most must see places in the Dubai Mall.

Dubai Creek

 best things to do in Dubai

Dubai may be famous for the glitz and glamour of its sky-high towers, but the real heart of the city falls for the Creek. The main source of income in dubai where the entire economy relies on is diving and fishing and that is possible only in the Old Dubai. This area is famous the one reason is Dubai Museum and its Emirates the other golden reason is the area has a trade of gold, silver and Tons of textiles here in Dubai Creek. Traditional Abra ride is a must, and at an unbelievable AED1 per ticket attracts any tourist who visits the city.

Beach At JBR

 best things to do in Dubai

It is the perfect place to go for shopping, dining and see the movie and have fun at the beach at the same time. Dj is what we all like which is in this place who plays some of the popular songs from Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic and many more. An open-air cinema and water park is a superb weekend plan for any age group of people. It is also one of the happy places for kids as there are many fun rides for them in the water park. Dancing and watching movies during a trip is one of the 10 best things to do in Dubai .

Dubai Marina

 best things to do in Dubai

Look into the future at the world’s largest man-made marina, Dubai Marina. You can see a tall building along with water, it is the world’s best marina where one can feel you have reach the top of the world and everything else is so small. Dubai Marina Yacht club is where you can feel the human hard work along with nature’s beauty. To feel the nice costline of Marina is one of the 10 best things to do in Dubai .

The Desert Safari

 best things to do in Dubai

A completely new experience then the modernity of the city, the Arabian desert is truly a marvel of Dubai. One can take a desert safari with off-roading, quad biking and sandboarding followed by traditional barbeques, henna and camel rides. Or one can try their own vehicle in the desert to feel the adventure of this lavish safari. The heritage dinner Safari is the thing you can’t miss out in the place. At night the Arabic dance show done by a beautiful dancer is a must watch in Dubai.

Dubai Canal

 best things to do in Dubai

Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2km long waterway expanding from the Creek in Old Dubai through Business Bay before it finds its way to the Arabian Gulf. Dubai Canal creates 80,000 sqm of waterfront public space and facilities, to include new areas like the 3km running track and 12km cycling path. The beautiful view of the canal can be taken from Business Bay. Taking ride near dubai canal is one of the 10 best things to do in Dubai.

Madinat Jumeirah

Best things to do in Dubai

To get the experience of both traditions and modern infrastructure Madinat Jumeirah is one of the outstanding places in Dubai. It has more than 40 restaurants in same street and every building in the area, restaurants hold a classic traditional design. You can find spa, restaurants, hotel, bar, theatre eatery all in one place so it is one of the comfiest places in the huge city. Having Fun in the night life is best things to do in Dubai .

Dubai Opera

 best things to do in Dubai

The Dubai Opera located in the new “Opera District” in the heart of Dubai offers an enticing schedule which is likened to that of London’s West End or Manhattan’s Broadway. With views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, the building was inspired by the shape of Arabian Dhow ships and is sure to catch your eye, the stage area is designed in such a way that it can be converted into three different platforms: theatre, hall or concert hall.

Travel and explore yourself. Travel with random person and then also travel with the known ones. Dubai is the best places for singles as well as couple. The night life is fun and also the Skyline is one of the most worth seeing thing in Dubai. There are endless best things to do in Dubai and it is up to you that how you like to take adventure in Dubai. For more such Articles visit us on Tripdecker.