10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

A 3000 years old place Jammu is known for its extreme heat in the summer season and extreme cold in winter. Jammu is a city founded by Raja Jambulochan near the river Tawi. Jammu is a safe place than its neighborhood place Kashmir. There is huge plantation of strawberry and dry fruits in Jammu. Jammu is also reaching in its cultural heritage; there are places like Bahu fort, Mubarak palace, Dogra museum and many more. Jammu is an economic hub for Srinagar, as business takes place in Jammu when Srinagar is full of snow. The Vaishnav Devi temple is a major attraction for many visitors due to its religious importance. Jammu is famous for its tourism as it is a beautiful hub for the traveler. Let’s see 10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu.

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu- Complete Guide

let’s see the ScenicĀ  Beauty of heaven on earth, Jammu. The 10 Marvelous places which will give a total holiday satisfaction and you can click selfies and enjoy every sight with family and friends and return with super happiness.

1. Bahu Fort

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Bahu Fort

Bahu is a place founded by the Jammu’s ruler jabulochan. As jabulochan was inspired by this place near the river Tawi, he then decided to make his new kingdom here and the place was named by his brother Bahu lochan. The reincarnation of goddess Parvati, goddess Kali’s temple is hugely built in this place and the place is also famous as Bave Wali Mata Temple. There is a story regarding this place where jabulochan saw a goat and tiger drinking water in the same river Tawi and this was a great message of oneness and peace which gave inspiration to jabulochan to make this gigantic fort.

2. Mubarak Mandi Palace

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Mubarak Mandi

Mubarak Mandi Palace is a tri Origination formed by Rajasthani, Mughal and European touch. The sheesh mahal is one of the most visited places along with the Dogra Art Museum where one can find several uniquely crafted paintings. Shah Jahan’s Golden bow and arrow are one of the exciting things to watch in this museum. It is one of the ancient places in Jammu where one can find specimens from several generations. It is undoubtedly among 10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu.

3. Mansar Lake

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Mansar lake

Mansar lake along with Surinsar is the perfect picnic spot as well as a pilgrim place. It is believed that Waters of Mansa removes all the sin. Also, newlywed couple visits a temple for seeking blessings of living a peaceful and healthy married life. Lake Mansar is famous for gorgeous natural scenery with so many trees and flowers which upgrades the importance of this place. Riding a boat in this serene river has a joy of its own. There is a Mansar wildlife sanctuary where one can find species of Tortoise, fishes and seasonal birds.

4. Raghunath Bazzar

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Raghunath market

Raghunath Bazaar is market near Raghunath temple where you can find varieties of embroidery work, vases, wall hangings, naqqashi work, furniture, wood carvings woolen carpets and many traditional things of Jammu. Here you can also find all the items related to worship the god. The place is mostly filled with devotees as well as a traveler who loves shopping the authentic items of the place. It is one of the most liked market and also among 10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu.

5. Shivkhori

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu


Shivkhori is a place of religious importance where you can find the linga of lord Shiva which is not purposely made but it is self-made 4 feet linga which gives surprise and a proof that God is present at this place and spreading his blessings to the devotees coming here from far away places. The journey to the cave is challenging but when you reach and see the formation of a lord it generates power in your body. The route to the caves is 3 Kilometres through mountains and sighful scenery.

6. Dogra Museum

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Dogra Museum

Dogra art museum is in Mubarak Mandi palace in heaven of earth Jammu Kashmir. Here you can see miniature paintings along with some of the best artistic creation of old India. The culture and folklore of people living in Jammu can be seen in the museum. It is located in the pink hall where you can see infinite paintings with historical importance. The Dogra museum is one of the ancient museums where Shah Jahan’s arrow can be seen in the display.It is also among the 10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu.

7. Peer Baba Dargah

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Peer baba dargah

The saint is believed to lived 500 years only on milk. The saint is none other than Peer Budhan Ali Shah. The dargah is named after him and the dargah spreads spirituality across religions and legends. The saint also shared good connection with Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. One must visit this place which is among 10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu.

8. Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Nandini santuary

The bird sanctuary is home to many pheasants, it is just 2 miles away from Jammu, there are many birds in the sanctuary. Pheasants, Indian mynah, Blue Rock Pigeon, Indian Peafowl, Red Junglefowl, and Chakor are some specific species found in this sanctuary. Here are some animals too such as leopards, grey langurs, Rhesus monkey, boars and more. It is among the best bird sanctuary in Jammu region with excellent facilities for visitors.

9. Gole Market

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Gole market

It is an entire place where you can get varieties of items along with mouth-watering street food. The area has low prices for goods compared to other markets in Jammu. Here you can also get popular brands and big stores along with small shops. It is among the famous shopping center in Jammu located at Gandhinagar. Here you can get lots of transportation easily because it is connected to many areas to the main place of Jammu.

10. Surinsar lake

10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu

Surinsar lake

A place with thousands of bats surinsar lake is a charming island. One can find so many lotuses on the surface of the lake which increases the beauty of the temple. There are mangroves and pine trees across the lake. Here there is mountains and trees in the area which is a wonderful site for nature lovers and birdwatchers. It is a very peaceful site for nature lovers and of the most crowded tourist place in the city of Jammu. One of the 10 Marvelous Places To Visit In Jammu.