Best Places to Visit in Iceland – A Door to Heaven

Iceland is like a journey to heaven. A place in Europe where you can witness all the natural things such as mountains, rivers, hot springs, natural light. A complete island, Iceland is not just a vacation spot it is a place where you can know the reality of life that life is not made up of artificial thing and everything is just false accept the reality of nature. Mountains are not going to fall, rivers can get dry but will take the shape of the forest. Natural things don’t die they change their formation. No more life lessons but at least once in a lifetime you must see Iceland, and for you we have selected Best Places to visit in Iceland.

Best Places to visit in Iceland

A nature lover will never deny a visit to Iceland and Iceland is a place you cannot miss if you are born on earth. To Know more about it read the whole article and plan for your next trip.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Best places to visit in Iceland

Every place has its natural beauty and to see the natural beauty of Iceland what’s better than the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Its rough terrain and hard mountain climbing is not less than the challenge, but when you reach the heights, every hard work is worth it. There are no shops around the reserve so one has to come with all the necessary stuff for hiking as well as to come up with all the safety measures. This place is love for the hikers as the trail is really tough and exciting.


Best places to visit in Iceland

A place in northern Iceland, a village is famous for catching the whale and it is not a single doubt that it is one of the best spots for catching Whale in whole Europe. The common species include minke, blue whales and Humpback as well as harbor porpoise. The Husavik Whale Museum include many fish skeletons which is probably the most interesting thing to know for many tourists. The whole history of Whale species and whaling in Iceland is displayed in the Museum. The wooden church of Husavikurkirkja built in 1907 is also one of the places to visit when you are in Husavik.


Best places to visit in Iceland

A place which is neighboring the natural reserve is famous for its hiking adventure activity. Not only Mountains, the place is famous for its lava fields and hot springs. The trek from lava field and climbs up nearby Mt. Blahnjukur is done by the many tourists who come for such adventure. The Tour companies arrange this trek and the night stay regularly.

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Thingvellir National Park

Best places to visit in Iceland

The place where the island parliament was established during the 10th century holds great importance due to its historical emergence. The major two tectonic place surrounds the place so it has of geographical significance too. A heaven on earth where you can see mountain, lakes, reserve, a forest at the same place which shows the unique pattern of nature. It is a one day trip if you visit to Reykjavik which takes time of hardly two to three hours but has unlimited fun along with to many postings on Instagram.


Best places to visit in Iceland

Myvatn is formed by the volcanic eruption and it is a place where you can find Hundred varieties of birds each unique and beautiful than other. One of the few places to view the craters is near the rural community of Skutustadir. It is the best place for natural lover and all those who are researching on birds or who likes to capture the captivating nature landscape. One of the Best Places to visit in Iceland.


Best places to visit in Iceland

The place located in Seltjarnarnes peninsula in the southern part of Iceland. The natural and Saga Museum in the place depicts the history of Iceland. For chilled and hangout experience the shops, bars and restaurants are available in Laugavegur which is worth exploring too. The seltajarnarnes is also a place of scenic beauty which attracts many nature lovers and nature scholars.


Best places to visit in Iceland

Few traveling experiences in Iceland are more memorable than the sight and sound of an iceberg breaking off a glacier and melting into the sea. The best place to glorify this display of nature’s power is at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The iceberg-dotted lake is a wonderful thing to watch in this place. You can witness the beauty of nature by seeing the iceberg floating in water slowly, and it has its own sound which is thrilling too. One of the Best Places to visit in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon

Best places to visit in Iceland

located on the Reykjanes peninsula less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most popular tourist destination. This manmade lake is fed by superheated seawater vented from a nearby lava flow. The geothermal waters contain minerals like silica believed to have health benefits, but it’s the chance to relax in a steaming lagoon surrounded by black lava rocks that most attracts visitors.

If you like this entire description of Iceland, don’t wait and book your ticket to the most amazing place on the earth. There are few places which become a compulsory spot for any visitor and Iceland is one them. Inorder to see the Best Places to visit in Iceland do follow Tripdecker.