7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

There is a misbelief that Goa is for young people but that is not true, Goa is for every person who has interest in exploring beaches, club life, meeting different people and get to know the inner self. It has many worth visiting beaches and too many narrow roads with colorful houses. Goa isĀ  a place for fun, peace and relaxing at the same time. Rock craft which is found in goa is proof of early human civilization. There are many things which attract people to visit Goa, Goa is for the nature lover, Goa is for adventures people and Goa is also for a family trip. Goa has a hot and humid climate but at night the air blows faster reviling the beautiful sight of the place. It has a variety of flora and fauna which is again much thrilling experience for people. Goa can be called as the beach beauty of India. Here is the list of 7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa You cannot miss.

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Go

There are lots of breathtaking places to visit in Goa and we bring you the amazing places you can visit with girlfriend, friends or family. Beach are common, you might have visited many times but this fun and exciting places will surely amaze you and you will see a new Goa this time.

1. Pandava Caves & Aravalem Waterfall

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Pandava caves

The 6th-century Pandava cave complex and Arvalem waterfalls are 9 Kms away from north Goa. The linga in this complex has great importance among devotees and travelers. There is a park in the nearby place In Arvalem waterfalls where one can see the majestic waterfall and peaceful lake. Pandava caves are the sign of the existence of Pandavas during the Medieval age. Thus both Pandava caves as well as aravalem waterfall are among the 7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa.

2. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar falls is 46 km from Madgaon and one of the tallest waterfall of India. In high monsoon, the waterfall looks outstanding as lots of water feed it. There is a railway bridge which passes right in front of the waterfall where the trains stay for a short time. There is not a place for tourist to see the entire waterfall but they can see one from the side. It is among the 7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa and waterfall is a treat to the nature lovers.

3. Naval Aviation Museum

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Naval Aviation Museum

The naval aviation museum is one of the prominent museum founded in a Chilled out place like Goa. It has two section where one can see varieties of weapons and aircraft, rocket, gears, pilots’ outfit and navy related machinery. It is one of the most excellent places for those tourists who like to explore something different than the usual. The seven parts in the Museum carry too many distinguished navy Related things.

4. Deltin Royale Casino

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Deltin Goa

The Deltin Royale casino is of the fascinating place in Panjim, goa where one can have lots of fun the whole day. This luxury casino boat is of three levels, first is the restaurant where there is live entertainment programme, second is the casino floor where there are 850 plus games, and the third one is the staying place the suit. It is a perfect thrilling experience for the people who like to play and stay at the same time. It is among the 7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa.

5. Chapora Fort

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Chapora Fort

The favorite location of Bollywood Chapora fort is one of the most amazing places. The chapora fort is seen in many Hindi movies like Dil Chahta Hain, Honeymoon travels and many more. It is almost on the verge of extinction, but it has the sensational view of coastline which attracts everyone who visits goa. The photo maniacs love to click pictures of coast from one of the oldest fort of Goa. It is undoubtedly one of the 7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa.

6. Mollem National Park

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Mollem National park

The Mollem National park is near the eastern border with Karnataka; the national park is home to several beings such as wild cats, a variety of birds, snakes and butterflies, etc. It has the well-known shiva mandir, Tambdi Surla Mahadev temple which was made back during the Kadamba Dynasty In the 12th century. It has a tracking trail which is a famous site for treckers.

7. Arpora Night Market

7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa

Arpora Night Market

One of the enormous markets made for hippies where they used to sell goods for their earning; there were no other means of earning during those times the market is opened every Saturday from 6 pm until late night. It has many food courts, and there are lots of live concerts happening at the place. There are varieties of things such as clothes, jewellery and show pieces sold on cheap prices.

Thus there are many other places to visit in Goa such as Reis Magos Fort, Fontainhas and beautiful beach Calangute. Therefore if you like this article, give your response in the comment section and do visit thisĀ  7 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Goa which we have chosen especially for you.