10 Places To Visit In Andaman- Heart Of Exotic Beaches

If you are a traveler, nature lover or a photographer it is a place you must see once in a lifetime. Andaman is a hub of various beaches and island, You will feel as if you are living in the water after visiting Andaman. You will find the most delicious food near the beach restaurants and here you can do plenty of activities like swimming, Scuba diving, and boating on the beaches. You can click plenty of photos of the beach. It is a perfect place for romantic couples and so you can spend the most precious moment in the black sand near the beach. You can also take an elephant ride to reach the beach. To know more about Andaman, read this article about theĀ 10 Places To Visit In Andaman.

10 Places To Visit In Andaman

To witness the most heart melting nature love, look forward to this 10 Places To Visit In Andaman.

1. Radhanagar Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

In the year 2004, The most Prestigious Time Magazine choose Radhanagar Beach to be the best beach in the world. It is one of the places which must be visited in Andaman. If you love the underwater adventure this beach offers you several activities like scuba diving, Swiming in the vast ocean and collecting those pearls under water. It is one of the spots for adventure freaks.

2. Ross and Smith Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

A place near to Diglipur Jetty Ross and Smith island is a very calm place. The beach is popular among the visitors because of its bluish color of water and also the shallow water. One can seat in the soulful beach while the adventure lover can try different activities under water in Ross and smith Beach. Also, it is one of the most beautiful places where you can click plenty of the pictures.

3. Laxmanpur Beach Neil Island

Places To Visit In Andaman

This beach is most pleasing beach and also it is never crowded. This is because it is near to the famous Bharatpur beach. This beach is very much longer and thus it is the best place for newly married couples who want to spend alone time on the beach. There are no water activities, it is a perfect place when you want to spend time in the silence of a beach and write a nice story.

4. Lalaji Bay Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

It is one of the smallest beaches in Andaman where very few people can enjoy. Like other beaches, here you can also enjoy the deep waters. To reach this one has to travel to one of the ferries and this experience can be the most exciting experience for the children. This is surely among the bestĀ Places To Visit In Andaman. There are some really popular restaurants near by the beach which provides delicious cusions to the tourist visiting this beach.

5. Wandoor Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

In the south Andaman, there is a small village named wandoor. This village is very popular due to the beaches and island it has and also it has plenty of options for accommodation. There is one famous national park in the area which is a gateway to the various island. Here you can also hire a boat for a day. You can walk in the most exotic forest and can see some deer, monkeys and you can also see various types of fishes on the beach.

6. Aamkunj Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

The jetty ride from Cuthbert Bay to the beach is the most pleasant attraction to enjoy in Andaman. The eco-park in the beach gives a great experience to the tourists. It is a vast beach with dark sand which is just mindblowing view. People generally come here to swim and do other water activities. There is this tree house near the beach which gives a full view of the beach and from this, you can click the perfect click to add it to your Insta Story. There are lots of turtles in the area of small and big size and it is a must watch view for the children.

7. Merk Bay Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

Here you can find tropical fish in the shallow waters. Many tourists, camp overnight here for the thrill factor. Forest near the beach and if you are thinking about trecking here it would be the best adventure experience of your life. This island is only accessible only during low tide and one cannot go here during high tide. You cannot come here during winters and rainy season, If you want to come in during this time, you can use jetty rides. It is one among the 10 Places To Visit In Andaman.

8. Butler Bay Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

This beach is the perfect spot for surfers. The beach is close to a waterfall so you can imagine the breathtaking view of this waterfall beach. The elephant ride on the beach is one of the most thrilling experiences of this place. If you are a photographer or a beach lover this place can be a heaven for you. You can have lots of fun on this beach and can collect thousands of beautiful memory. It is one among the Best Places To Visit In Andaman.

9. Cellular Jail

Places To Visit In Andaman

Andaman has an oldest jail which is a symbol of our freedom struggle. The jail was made during the British rule and today it is one of the heritage site situated in Andaman. This spot opens 9 am To 5 pm. Hindi and English light and sound shows are organized for the tourists to educate about the struggle and the history of the place. The jail is closed during Mondays for cleaning also during all government holidays.

10. Havelock Beach

Places To Visit In Andaman

Havelock Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Andaman. If you love scuba diving, this is a perfect place for you to visit. There are spots for professional drivers to enjoy and there are numerous places where training for amateur divers is provided. Certification courses are also available. This place has a rich coral forest and the most wonderful underwater life. If you love underwater photography, this place is a paradise for you.

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