Desert Safari Activities in Dubai- The Best Adventure Ever

Dubai or you can call it by its famous name UAE has a wonderful adventure known as desert safari which is enjoyed by almost everyone who visits Dubai. There are fun activities like camel ride, belly dance a delicious shisha an authentic food of Dubai all known as Arabic water pipe. The Desert Safari is all loaded with fun and frolic. Here in this article, we will share our experiences of spending time In Dubai and enjoying Desert Safari Activities in Dubai. Undoubtedly  One of the Best Desert Safari Is In Dubai.

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

In the whole experience of doing a tour in the desert, you would see several spots where you can take many photos. The drive continues all over the desert where one can enjoy the beautiful sunset and Sunrise before reaching campsite where you can have a camel ride, sand boarding and also can try out a henna on hand or feet. After the tiring day, you can simply have fun having that delicious food and watch a dance by the famous belly dancer across the camp. The dance is such a treat to watch, and you would get the best Arabic dancer in the deserts of UAE.

The drivers who are in desert safari are professionals, and they have first Aid with them. Also, they are so much trained that in case of rollover they have techniques to get up or call the security. In case you want to try with your own vehicle you need to get the knowledge to ride cars there as the area is fully covered with dunes. Also, there are seat belts for every passenger so that they are not harmed during any kind of accidents. Only 4×4 Land Cruisers cars are used for the safari.

Naming The Activities You can do In deserts

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

You must have a camera when you are going to a desert safari in Dubai as the views are breathtaking, also you must wear clothes which are comfortable for your safety and must not to wear jewelry as anyone can rob it, there is no network in the deserts so you are almost away from the outside world. You can also try the Arabic coffee and the shisha the Arabic water pipe by enjoying the best belly dance of Arab.

  • Quad Bike Safari

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

Quad bikes in Dubai are for the bike lovers where you get the best bike and with unexpected thrill on the roads. Every biker or tourist must try this safari once in a lifetime.

  • Sandboarding

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

Everyone can do it the children, uncles and the Grandpa as this adventure is harmless. From the top dunes which can board and rich down, the sand will catch you as it is too soft. It is the simplest and most fun activities anyone must do during a desert safari In Dubai.

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  • Falconry Experience

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

It is a very traditional game in Arabic countries to hold falcon and then make them fly in a high sky. Falcons are very big, firstly you would get nurvous, but when you see they are comfortable in your hands then things will become normal, and you can be a fan of Falconry the best Desert Safari Activities in Dubai.

  • Camel Trekking

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

Another most famous Desert Safari Activities in Dubai  is the camel trekking. From the highest pick of sunset to going in a camp in a camel ride is a unique experience. Children love camel rides as well as the elders. So don’t miss the chance of this camel ride in your next Trip To Dubai.

  • Henna Designer

Desert Safari Activities in Dubai

Its been hundreds of long years that people put henna tattoo on their hair, skin and nails. Heena is made from the leaves of heena plant, and they are dried till it turns to a powder form. In India brides hands and legs are designed with henna as they think it as auspicious. In many famous Hollywood movies, they give heena touch in the fingertips to represent the type of culture.

The desert safari is not safe for children, infant, pregnant women as well as people old age because the dunes are so high that sometimes it adversely affects their health. Now you know the Desert Safari Activities in Dubai so plan this activities in your next trip to dubai and also let us know about your experience in the comment section below. For more such interesting and fun travel visit us on Tripdecker.