Best Things to do in ladakh

Ladakh is a place with breathtaking landscapes and high mountain. It is place for youngster to bike ride in one of the longest road and it is also place for people who want a peaceful atmoshere in a Hemis monastery Here you can see the most rear species of snow leopard and can eat maggie in the highest peak of Himalayan ranges. Can chat with the monks about life and love and experience the culture and tradions of people in ladakh. In whole there are so many Things to do in ladakh which is not possible elsewhere.

Best Things to do in ladakh

Ladakh is a place for so many endless adventures and you cannot miss any of them. One of the best trips for youngsters who loves bike riding in the snowy landscapes.

Lamas Performing Chamas

Things to do in ladakh

It is one of the most admiring things to see lamas perform. If you are in Ladakh and not witnessing the colorful clothes and people wearing a mask and sharing the stories then your trip to Ladakh is not worthy. Here the festival is called Ladakh festival where you can see the ladakhi dance form and drama. You can also wear this cloth and get immerse in the culture of Ladakh.

To See Snow Leopard

Things to do in ladakh

Ladakh is one of the only places in India where you can find snow leopard and the surprisingly you can find this snow leopard in very rare places in the world. Snow leopard can be seen in Hemis national park, a place where there are 200 leopards and can be seen during the winter.

Maggie in the Himalayan Ranges

Things to do in ladakh

If you are Maggie lover, this is the place for you where you will get fantastic Maggie at the heights. The khardung la pass in Ladakh has this cafeteria where Maggie is served so you can have this yummy noodles at the top of the world and can see the breathtaking view of Himalayan ranges. Eating maggie in the cooldest place is a must Best Things to do in ladakh.

Hung out with the monks

Things to do in ladakh

In Ladakh, you will see numerous monks who are very comfortable with the tourist so you can have a deep conversation with them in your trip to the Ladakh. They will also guide you about the Best Places to see in Ladakh and if you win their hearts, they will get open and share more things about the history of Ladakh and about the ancient customs and rituals.

Morning prayer at a Monastery

Things to do in ladakh

There is something about the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh where you will definitely feel rejuvenating and fresh, this experience is for life and night stay in the place is one of the thing all the tourist must do. Even if you don’t believe in Gods and pilgrims, this is a place for inner peace so you must visit it. The morning prayer wakes you up and the whole divine experience is magical, and you can feel the connection with nature and the divine power.

The Motorbiking Adventure

Things to do in ladakh

If it is your dream to have a bike ride in Ladakh the Khardung La pass is the desired place for you. Here you can have a long drive with the broad sky and the beautiful Himalayan ranges, the cool atmosphere and the breeze add more charm to make your best ride experience. The highest motorbiking route of 5602 m is all the worth of your bike visit to Ladakh. One Of the exciting Best Things to do in ladakh.

Enjoy the local butter tea of Ladakh

Things to do in ladakh

Good news for Chai lover, in a cold place like Ladakh that here you would get local butter tea. They call it Chang which is served in the porcelain pot which will be the whole new chai adventure for you. This type of local tea is not in every place of Ladakh but in some of the local places you can get this chang tea. In such cool place, this hot beverage will be your best friend.

To see the pashmina textile Industry

Things to do in Ladakh

If you know little about handloom works you must be knowing that pashmina is one of the most expensive handlooms in the world. It is expensive but here in the textile, you can get this cloth in a very reasonable price. The pashmina goat has that beautiful fur which you would like to touch.

So Now if you know Things to do in ladakh pack your bags and visit to the most Amazing place In India.