Best Things To Do in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most visited cities of united states. It is the same as any other city which temps you with luxuries and also holds you to enjoy some of the major attraction of the city. Chicago has multiple things for the tourist from museums, rivers, bars, cafes, road side food and also a Sky deck from where you can see the entire city and the near by states. A lost lake is a place where you really like to get lost with a bear of a cane. The Chicago city is a developed city which is for people of various interest from a peaceful night at Willis Tower to a Party hub, Green mill. Here we are focusing mainly on Best Things to Do in Chicago for you so you get the idea where to go in the city of Chicago.

Best Things to Do in Chicago

There are like hundreds of unique things you can do in Chicago, it is up to you either you want to spend time on exploring food or the places of Chicago. Chicago River walk is also pleasant idea if you are on a date with your loved ones.

Willis Tower Sky deck

Best Things to Do in Chicago

Look down on the city from the Willis Tower Skydeck

Willis Tower is a must place to visit during the night time when one can see the whole city and also the neighboring places as the Skydeck is 1353 high. It has the most reversing view at the night time when one can look at the skyscrapers, lights of the city and the entire city which seems so small from the heights. From the 103rd floor, the view is just excellent as you can see the whole state, the best time for the visit is evening and the sunset where you can see the city slowly getting peaceful but when the nightlife lovers actually rise.

Carnitas Uruapan

Best Things to Do in Chicago

When you are in Chicago there is a shop carnitas Uruapan which serves large varieties of porks with soup and with noodles. So when you are here the main thing you have to decide is that how much pork you can eat. It is one of the famous shops for authentic food of, but the shop is only open until 5 pm so if you have a plan have delicious porks you have to stick in the area till evening.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Best Things to Do in Chicago

Luckily Lincoln park is a place you can visit for free. The park has Regenstein Macaque Forest, Where one can see the snowy monkeys doing to and fro from one branch of tree to another branch, Chirping birds, dancing penguins and peacocks and many other varieties of animals and birds. Lincoln zoo is the best place to visit with kids. After roaming in the zoo you can have snack in the nearby cafe and see the beautiful skyline of the place. One of the Best Things to Do in Chicago.

Lost Lake

Best Things to Do in Chicago

A complete island vacation where you are surrounded by nature, a well-mannered man serve you the best drink which is colorful and the exotic food which tastes not only good but also looks good. The lost lake Avondale is a perfect place when you think that you want to get lost out of the city and have some pleasant air. It has large varieties of cocktails specials and the drinks which are only in this area.

Millennium Park

Best Things to Do in Chicago

Check out concerts and public art at Millennium Park

Millenium Park is a place which as the best public art gallery, Cloud Gate is also known as The Bean. There is a fountain called the crown fountain which is a major attraction for many tourists. The area is mostly crowded because people come to see live concerts and movie which are all free during the summer in Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Meanwhile you will find lots of people in McCormick Tribune Ice Rink doing skating and stuff and enjoying the snow. It is one of the Best Things to Do in Chicago for people of every age group.

Dusty Groove

Best Things to Do in Chicago

The dusty groove is not at all dusty but a clean one, it is home to unlimited fun music records which is kept in a very organized manner in of the shop, It looks more like a cafe. It is a treat for someone who loves to listen to different types of music and also can find their favorite record from the bunch. If you are in east village, this is definitely the things to do in Chicago today. From the profound jazz music to the current music of Eminem you will find everything here in one place.

Green Mill

Best Things to Do in Chicago

Take in late-night jazz at the Green Mill

Green Mill is one of the oldest places in uptown famous for Live jazz. The music is played until late; you can see some of the guitarist, musician and other many famous bands of the place. It is one thing to do in Chicago at the night time. Order a huge cocktail and booze till the party gets over and see the best jazz ever.

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