Best Places To Visit In Singapore- Feel the most Unexpected Adventure

Singapore is one of the major tourist attraction places as it has everything which is want of the youth, artist, explorer or just an everyday traveler. If you are foody, Singapore offers you the best street food along with some of the popular restaurants all over the place. It is a hub for those who are here for socializing and someone who is a party lover. From Underwater adventure to walking through the highest hill, this place offers you the most bizarre combination of wildlife and Westgate wonderland. If you are also in search of Best Places To Visit In Singapore, We bring you this amazing places which is must in every traveler’s bucket list.

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

This article is very friendly for that traveller who wish to see most of the places in less time. Let’s travel to this Best Places To Visit In Singapore.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Food for Nature Lover, Sungei Buloh reserve is an ecological site that is a famous world-wide. It is the best experience in the wetland reserve where you can enjoy and forget the chaotic life of the city you are living in. Here you can learn different activities like drawing, painting and also you can enjoy the thrill of trekking through the mangroves, watch crabs, lobsters, water snakes and much other variety of species. You can also watch birds which are migrating to Australia from Serbia during the peak of the seas.  It is one of the Best Places To Visit In Singapore.

 Fort Canning Park

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

If you are looking for the adventure in Singapore with a beautiful view, then choose Fort Canning as your hiking spot.It is a small place where one can climb the hill easily in short time. It is in the main area of the city, but still, it is very peaceful and has a great importance. Here there are some mind-boggling activities like live concerts, theatres, and much other artistic delivery. There are four trails which are connected to each other and also there are guides to instruct you the way to hike easily.

 Underwater World

Singapore Santosa island is a very soothing place and place which gives inner happiness and peace at the same time. Water has a quality that it is so calm that it can make any human melt with emotions. It is that huge oceanarium that Is surrounded by pink dolphins and many other sea animals. This tunnel under the water is deep and holds and here you can play with sharks, feed the whales and see many unknown fossils under water. Before some years it was our imagination to have life in the water but Santosa has made it a reality and today there are several restaurants which are underwater.

 Pasir Ris Beach

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore with kids than this beach is the perfect spot for you as there are lots of activities happening here and also there is mangrove forest which is surely an unusual sight to watch. It is among the largest beach in Singapore which is 6.6 km big. There is a park near the beach where you can do cycling, PlayStation, slide, rope climbing and basketball court. The whole playground is surrounded by trees which gives shelter to the tourist.

 Bugis Street

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Your Singapore trip would be incomplete without shopping, and if you are a woman, you cannot miss a chance of shopping in the Bugis street. Bugis street is a blend of modern day food with the ancient food stalls in streets. There is this Bugis junction shopping complex which is one of the biggest shopping areas in singapore which steals every body’s attraction. It is one among the Best Places To Visit In Singapore.

Westgate Wonderland

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Truly a wonderland for the kids who love to play games outdoor games. Children ageing 2 to 10 can participate in the various games here. In Westgate this wonderland is settled which is for everyone. This place is very colorful as it is surrounded by flowers and all type of lights and rides. The playground has dry and wet plays and you cannot miss coming to this magical wonderland. It is one of the desirable spots to visit during the weekends.

Blu Jaz Cafe

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore, then this is another place which is a must visit for you. Settled in the noteworthy Kampong Glam, the three-story saved shop house, has consistent Live Music and DJs sessions alongside a shifted line-up of connecting with acts. Whether indoor at the Cafe (first floor), on the Lounge with its overhang (second floor) and the Space (third floor) or open air at the Garden Area, music significant others are guaranteed an inviting and cozy feel.

Keppel Hill

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Keppel hill became one of the big names in Singapore as the media has published lot about the lost reservoir and since then, the trek is known as Keppel Hill Reservoir Trek. This reservoir provided water supply to the people in Singapore since 1905. This hilly place is easy to climb, and it is among that place which is now trending in social media.

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